It is 2021, Covid-19 is raging in the world and we are thinking about what kind of dog to get. We have had it in our heads for a long time, so we are not the “covid” owners. We have everything thought out. After a series of failures in finding a puppy in the Czech Republic, we contacted a Slovak breeder and found a puppy from Hungary for us.
He was born on 20th June 2021 and we were really looking forward to him. Of course, we were worried about whether we were sufficiently prepared and whether we would be good masters. On Sunday, August 15, 2021, we went to the Czech-Slovak border to pick him up. Kevin was love at first sight.
The first 14 days were very difficult for the three of us, the puppy requires maximum care, especially watching over peeing and pooping, so that he realizes as soon as possible that 💩 is not done at home. It all worked out and after about 5 days Kevin found out how it works and since then there is “peace” at home. As soon as it was possible, we immediately started going to the school in Pilsen (Plzenský pes) and started basic obedience training.

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